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I love you
But I gotta let you go

I’m finding myself now.

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This bathtub in the house of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman leads to an underground tunnel and exits through the city’s drainage system.

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Joseph Webb
Intermaterial Love, No. 2, 2013
The future: autonomous intimacy between inanimate objects
Edition of 5 as chromogenic color prints on glossy paper, 20 x 30 in.

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Rising floodwaters surround a grave in the graveyard of Moorland church in the village of Moorland on the Somerset Levels.

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i was sitting like this when i opened photo booth

I want to see all of it

im 12

If you’re 12*, that’s why we want to see all of it. We need proof and are surprised it doesn’t appear in the frame, being so big.

* inches

im 12 years old

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Ghost Party

Ghost party is a blessing I love this game so much

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okay so the other day i was walking downtown with my friend and a guy came up and asked for 50 cents to get a bus ticket. I said sure and started looking through my bag for my wallet and he just kept asking even though i had said yes, bartering with something in his hand.  

"i just need 50 cents. for a ticket. just 50 cents for a tic-here. i’ll sell you this for it. its my good luck charm. i’ll sell it to you for fifty cents!"

"dude its fine i got you covered you don’t gotta do that"

"no, I want to. im selling this to you. its lucky."

"im just trying to find quarters man no biggie!"

"i am selling you this. i want you to have it. it means a lot to me"

the second i handed him the quarters he pressed this into my hand and walked away very quickly, calling over his shoulder how it was mine now and how important it was. it’s solid metal and weighs at least five fucking pounds.

im about 100% certain it’s fucking cursed and he could only get rid of it by selling it so if i vanish out of nowhere that would be why.

aria getting cursed ass fuckin satan relics and youve only been in portland for like a month slow down.

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